• Saturday Night Service: Father’s Day in Mexico

    Saturday Night Service: Father’s Day in Mexico

    After we settled in on Saturday, we headed over to one of the churches we were there to support with the VBS. They were celebrating Fathers Day. All of the attendees were dressed in their Sunday best. The picture show below was taken during their service asking for blessings on these fathers as they serve… Read more

  • In the Image of God

    In the Image of God

    Man was created in the image of God. God created man to reflect his image. When man sinned, the sin was a choice to abandon God for something Adam and Eve desired more than God in that moment. They wanted knowledge and to be like God, so they ate the fruit God told them not… Read more

  • Back on the Road Again

    Back on the Road Again

    The past year has been filled with many changes. One of the big changes is that I was unable to make my annual trip to Tecate. In part this was due to the complexities of travel with the Covid-19 “pandemic.“ The biggest reason is because in June of 2020 I received a nasty spider bite,… Read more

  • Everything Takes Longer in México

    Everything Takes Longer in México

    In past trips to Mexico I’ve noticed that the pace of life is slower. What I didn’t realize until this trip is that everything takes longer and with that much patience and persistence is required. It’s a little like stepping into a time warp and the work just goes slower. Tools that we would normally… Read more

  • Tough Day in the Fire Fields

    Tough Day in the Fire Fields

    Tuesday was a difficult day in many ways. We began the day with prayer and proceeded to a meeting at breakfast to coordinate efforts to help the victims of the fire. There were 114 homes burned. Many families have relocated to other places but there are still many who have remained and are living in… Read more

  • Shoe Day

    Shoe Day

    Today we delivered over 50 pair of shoes to the Bosco Orphanage children. Each child was able to buy a pair of school shoes and a second pair within their budget. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in working with these kids seeing their eyes light up as they got to… Read more