The Way of the Path is a blog about what God is doing in and around me and the lives of others. It’s a testimony of the Way (Jesus) and our paths through this life.

God works in people’s lives. My hope is that by sharing my own experiences you would appreciate who he is and understand that a relationship with him is something that’s attainable and something he desires to have with you. He loves you with an unbounded, unshakable, and relentless love.

You won’t find all the answers here, but you will find enough of them in the Bible to find the Way.

Like most, my journey on this path has been over all sorts of terrain. Some of it has been rocky, some of it has been pretty smooth. It has been mostly pleasant, but until I found Jesus and put my life fully in his hands did I not understand the true joy that comes even in the midst of suffering and especially in serving others.

Today, I work full-time in business and I spend my personal time serving my local church and other local ministries. I love to travel the world and meet people and share the love of Jesus with them. My ministry is mostly serving young men and young adults. My travels have taken me to Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, and across the USA.

Everything I do here is self funded. At this stage of my life, God has provided everything I’ve needed to go and serve. Sometimes I head down to the woodshop and make a few items for sale which you may find here in my online shop. All of the proceeds from these items go directly to ministering to others to augment the work I do or to meet a special need. If you want to donate, I will find a good use for it in one of the missions I serve that have an immediate need. 100% of what you give will go directly to the them.