And the Evening and the Morning were the First Day

Before there is a message to go out, there needs to be a place ready to receive that message. Yesterday we visited a church that is young, but growing and reaching others with the Good News. We are here this week to work with the kids and help them with a Bible School.

The message this week is based on John 7:38. “Whoever believes in me … rivers of living waters will flow from within them.” There’s a lot packed into this verse, but it teaches us a lot about our place and the place of God in our lives.

I mentioned in my last post that sometimes we struggle to know the will of God as it applies specifically to our lives, yet Jesus points out here that the Holy Spirit will flow through us like a river pouring out life to all who will receive it. The condition for it is that we believe in Jesus.

When we speak about believing in Jesus, we aren’t talking about simply acknowledging that he exists. Even the demons know that Jesus exist. Believing in this context must mean an active belief, a belief that causes a change first within us that requires us to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

I am not saying that the Holy Spirit cannot work through us, but what I am saying is that He chooses to work through those who are obedient to His calling. What is He leading you to do right now? Are you doing it, or are you pursuing something you want to do instead?

Something that’s often overlooked in all of this cooperation is that we are called to be in constant prayer… communication with God. God has given us free will to do as we please, to a point.

One of my mission team members told us a story yesterday of a pastor that was preaching a false gospel, one that says we can continue to sin and do whatever we want whenever we want. This is not what obedience and repentance look like. To repent we must abandon sin and turn to righteousness. In our own strength we cannot change ourselves. It is only through obedience and seeking God’s will that we are able to be that conduit for life that God desires for us.

On the first day God created light and separated it from darkness. He enacted a fundamental law that light overcomes darkness. Later in the New Testament we are told to be a light shining on a hill. We are to be the light to a dark world. He that is in us is greater than the world and it is He that is light and overcomes the darkness.

We are to abandon our sin and sinful nature and then we can become the light that shines out and overcomes. We become a conduit for the Holy Spirit to bring life to all those who would receive it.

That is why we are here in Mexico this week sharing our lives with children and families. Everywhere we go we can be that conduit through which the Holy Spirit gives life.

At this point I have to ask you where you are in your journey? Will you take a minute and post a comment letting me know how I can pray for you and be that light for you?

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