Saturday Night Service: Father’s Day in Mexico

After we settled in on Saturday, we headed over to one of the churches we were there to support with the VBS. They were celebrating Fathers Day. All of the attendees were dressed in their Sunday best. The picture show below was taken during their service asking for blessings on these fathers as they serve their families.

Blessing the Fathers on Father’s Day

This church meets in a building rented from another church and has grown to over 60 in the past couple years. They have weekly Bible studies and activities for their youth in addition to their weekly services.

It was started in a home by a family who gathered together to worship God and is now working to build a building. Several family members received a calling to serve this community and are now fulfilling that mission. JPM (Joey Potter Missions) continues to serve this community church in a variety of ways including providing meals to needy families, vehicles for church leaders who are committed to service, and assistance with some parts of their building project.

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