• Back on the Road Again

    Back on the Road Again

    The past year has been filled with many changes. One of the big changes is that I was unable to make my annual trip to Tecate. In part this was due to the complexities of travel with the Covid-19 “pandemic.“ The biggest reason is because in June of 2020 I received a nasty spider bite,…

  • Planning a Mission

    Planning a Mission

    If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will know that I’ve done a lot of short mission trips. Most of those have been to Mexico which is where I am at today. It is my 7th trip here in 7 years. This summer I won’t be coming back with the group I…

  • In Tecate, Day 6 update

    In Tecate, Day 6 update

    A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and since I am in Mexico working with the families and children here, in peace and harmony, I think everyone should hear what he said: While the rest of the country discusses and fights for rights, ill-treatment and family problems between two countries, we are in the…

  • Tecate Family Mission – The First Day

    Tecate Family Mission – The First Day

    Today we all arrived on schedule in San Diego, all 28 of us, and packed the cars and headed for In-n-Out Burger, Target, and then the boarder. The greetings at the airport were filled with greetings of old friends and making new ones. Once we were all gathered, fed, had last minute purchases, and made…

  • Preparing for Tecate

    Preparing for Tecate

    Today I started my first official day of vacation.  I’m on Hilton Head Island with extended family enjoying the beach and sun.  Its an annual trip for us and amost always lands the week before my annual mission to Tecate. I started the Tecate trip 6 years ago.  It’s hard to believe it has already…

  • An Altar

    An Altar

    We all build altars to a god. Which one is your alter for? Exodus 20:22-24 And the Lord said to Moses, “Say this to the people of Israel: You saw for yourselves that I spoke to you from heaven. Remember, you must not make any idols of silver or gold to rival me. “Build for…

  • Being Intentional

    Being Intentional

    It was well after midnight.  As I laid in bed, I just couldn’t calm my mind.  Maybe it was the fact that I had 4 cups of coffee in the morning instead of my regular two. I should be tired after having stayed up until 2:30am the night before and driving home from our family…

  • Tecate, Mexico – FCA

    Tecate, Mexico – FCA

    We don’t have a fancy budget or promo videos with mailing literature to recruit or advertise what we do. Probably the greatest advertisement we own is – ‘believe in what we do rather than what we say’.But the greatest thing we believe and trust is simply this: ‘Jesus + nothing = everything’… That is enough.…

  • Scars


    Who wears your scars?