• Tough Day in the Fire Fields

    Tough Day in the Fire Fields

    Tuesday was a difficult day in many ways. We began the day with prayer and proceeded to a meeting at breakfast to coordinate efforts to help the victims of the fire. There were 114 homes burned. Many families have relocated to other places but there are still many who have remained and are living in…

  • Shoe Day

    Shoe Day

    Today we delivered over 50 pair of shoes to the Bosco Orphanage children. Each child was able to buy a pair of school shoes and a second pair within their budget. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in working with these kids seeing their eyes light up as they got to…

  • The Fires In Tecate

    This week in addition to working with the Rancho San Juan Bosco orphanage, we are going to serve and help those who were impacted by the fires a few weeks ago that swept through and destroyed 114 homes in Tecate. We are heading there this afternoon to deliver hot chocolate and burritos and assess where…

  • Sunday Service

    Sunday Service

    Today we went to church at the 2nd Nazarene Church. Gordon and has a moment to stand up and tell why we were there and thank the congregation for their hospitality and support. Gordon gave a heartfelt and inspired word. The church service was filled with God’s presence as everyone worshiped and listened to Pastor…

  • Landing in San Diego

    Landing in San Diego

    The flight across country was thankfully uneventful. We were able to get a snack on the plane and will be arriving hungry. The conversation with Gordon was inspiring. We talked about many topics and I especially appreciate his knowledge and love of history. He brings a fresh and new perspective to things and his heart…

  • Tecate, B.C. Mexico – November Mission

    Tecate, B.C. Mexico – November Mission

    Have you thought of doing a short-term mission? Are you curious what it’s really like on the other side of the border? Do you have a heart to serve others? Then continue reading and let’s knock this off your bucket list. This opportunity could change your life!

  • That First Night in Foster Care —

    A link to this article was posted on a friend’s facebook feed and I thought I would share it. via That First Night in Foster Care — But before I dig in to the “HOW,” I want to explore the “WHY,” and that requires taking some time to step into your foster child’s shoes (as…

  • Seasons


    Experiencing the seasons of life with young people.

  • To be God, or to be God’s

    To be God, or to be God’s

    This morning on the front porch I sat with my dog, Sami, coffee in hand, energized, contemplating the day and thinking about yesterday. The morning rush had begun and the cars swished by every few moments. The air was still and cleansed by the morning dew. The morning sunlight reflected off everything and everywhere, even…

  • Planning a Mission

    Planning a Mission

    If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will know that I’ve done a lot of short mission trips. Most of those have been to Mexico which is where I am at today. It is my 7th trip here in 7 years. This summer I won’t be coming back with the group I…