The Fires In Tecate

This week in addition to working with the Rancho San Juan Bosco orphanage, we are going to serve and help those who were impacted by the fires a few weeks ago that swept through and destroyed 114 homes in Tecate.

We are heading there this afternoon to deliver hot chocolate and burritos and assess where we can put our efforts through the remainder of our time here.

As we drove from the Church to the orphanage this afternoon, we saw some of the areas that were burned and it was surprisingly close to both. The fires could have easily spread through the Nazarene Camp and church as well as the orphanage. We are all so thankful that it was contained in that area.

Around 4pm Gordon and I met Pastor Marcos and went shopping for the food, then met a crew from the church to help us cook and prepare the food.

As darkness closed in, we went and visited these families. Many of the families have other places they could go, but there are some that have no one to take them in. These families were given tents to live in on their property. Their homes are completely destroyed with nothing remaining but the brick walls. There were burned out vehicles lining the roads and makeshift tables strew with what few things these families have been given to start over. They can’t leave any food out due to the rats and the conditions are desperate.

In spite of all this we were able to come in and offer hope to these families. The church was able to offer spiritual support and we were told that although many have come by and offered support, none have returned. They come in and take pictures without asking and tell them they will cone back and don’t follow up. We will be different.

We will do two days of building starting on Tuesday to build some temporary structures. The Mexican government has promised supplies to do their rebuild of the permanent structures, but it’s taking time to get here. In the meantime they need more than tents to meet their needs.

in addition one of the universities from the US is helping by donating over 1000 cinder block. These have already begun to arrive.

The people we met are hurting. The task ahead of them is huge. One family had a business where they had salvaged parts. Their entire business was destroyed along with their home and all of their inventory. They are left with scrap metal and a shell of a building and no jobs to support their rebuild.

This family asked for a temporary roof so that they could have a place to put a bathroom. They are fortunate to have an ancient small motor home for their family of four. There was a generator supplying electricity. Most of the homes were dark.

I didn’t have a camera to share pictures,, but this turned out to be a blessing because people are tired of others photographing their story. They need help not pictures and words. Besides it was too dark for us to get any good photos.

I will send an update tomorrow evening on the orphanage and the shoe project. It’s not too late to donate if you’d like to offer your support.

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