VBS Day Three

It’s the end of day three and tomorrow is our last day of the Vacation Bible School for the children. We will miss them and I’m sure they will miss us after spending a week with them.

The turnout was not as much as we had last year because many of the children had their school year extended due to COVID. Most were not able to get back home from schools and to the church, but we did have a few kiddos make the effort to be there in spite of the hardship.

We had lots more girls than boys in pre-school and elementary, and lots more boys than girls in middle and high school. The children love playing soccer and much of our game time was filled with this, but we did throw in a few other games to keep it interesting.

Craft time, like last year, was a huge hit. All of these children are exceptionally artistic and love hands on activities. This is something I haven’t seen so much with kids in the USA in a few years now that they have cell phones in hand all of the time. Even the little ones colored inside the lines and the older ones spent a lot of time making anklets and bracelets.

The worship time was spirit filled and the children, even the older boys, participated in the worship.

During my sermon on Monday, I was impressed by the level of knowledge the children had about the Bible. I know a lot of these kids were family of those who have started the church, but it was very clear to me that they know that they are loved and that God loves them.

It was also a very pleasant surprise that these kids have a fantastic youth leader who enjoys spending time with and investing in them. He and his family are a huge blessing to the community.

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