The First Meal

Our first meal in Tecate was amazing. It was one of my favorites, Sopa de Pollo – Chicken soup. I expected nothing less from El Sazon de Abuelos.

The wait staff and cooks (all of the team) there do such an outstanding job of serving. Their attention to detail and service is at such a high standard. The food is always prepared with love and excellence then delivered with the utmost attention to care. It is so far beyond anything we have in my hometown. The places I go at home that have really good service are either exceptional expensive, snooty and pretentious, or simply just don’t know how to deliver great food. There just are not many restaurants that are able to deliver both service and quality exceptionally well and deliver it at a great value.

El Sazon has the humility and confidence to serve well and their success as a business is showing as they expand into Mexicali. By the way, their service does not stop at the table. They do some really great work in their community and pay their staff exceptionally well.

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