Coconut Greetings

When coming into a new place like this I never know what kind of reception there will be. Will we be welcomed here and what will we face. I felt right at home here in El Zapatillo among the people and our team.

As we settled in, Victorio, a local elder in the village, collected some coconuts and cut off the ends.  He handed us each a coconut and a straw to drink the coconut milk.  This greeting was a small token of the love that we would share with these people.  It was a fitting welcome to his home.

Throughout our visit I developed a special relationship with Victorio.  He had a genuine joy in his soul and I could sense that he walks closely to God.  He was so grateful and excited that we were there.  Anytime we needed anything, he jumped into action to support the work we were doing.  He didn’t speak any English and though I only know a few words of Spanish, we communicated on a completely different level. There was love in his eyes and in his heart, not just for his people, but for us too.  This man, is a true example of a servant leader and he was an inspiration.

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  1. Good to meet those people who care. Ita a genuine gesture. I am glad you met someone.

    1. He helped a lot of our team members thoughout the week. It’s really awesome to see people, especially leaders who step up and serve. Thanks for taking time to read thewayofthepath.

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