180 Weekend – To whom or what?

Every year our youth get together with other churches (34 this year) in the area for 180 Weekend.  It includes over 1,000 area youth. Last year we had a young man from our church make a commitment who graduated only a few weeks later. I wrote about this in My Friends Birthday.

Tonight was my first night with the kids and we talked about the plan of salvation.  During the discussion, we talked about what it meant to give your life to someone, but nobody in the group understood that while we can sacrifice all of our life to a person in death, it is also possible to sacrifice our life one moment or day at a time.

Many people do this as an act of love.  They give a part of their time to one person and another to someone else.  Then another part, they may keep for themselves.  Ultimately we sacrifice everything on an alter to someone or something over the course of our lives.  The question then becomes to whom or what.

There have been so many great insights at this 180 that I can’t even begin to present them all here.  These included being the salt of the earth and light to the world. We’ve talked about discipleship, love, being a witness, and being all in.

I’ve heard more than a few people mention that Shawn McBride is an awesome speaker. He delivered a consistently strong message to our youth.


Updated from Saturday Night:  To top it off we had about 300 kids come forward to make professions of faith.  Many lives were changed and Heaven is celebrating the glory of God tonight!

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