“The” Tree

There is something awe inspiring about this specific tree.  With a massive trunk reaching to the heavens it stands tall above all the others.  It tells all the other trees, “Here I am!  I am what you should aspire to become.  Grow and stand tall on your roots.”  If I were a member of the Swiss Family Robinson, this would be the tree house tree.  It is an “Avatar” tree.  The tree of all trees.  This tree is one of billions in the forest, but to me, this tree is special.

Why this one?

This tree remind me of another tree.  It came down as fruit from heaven and was planted in the forest. It was raised up to being the most humble of all.  When the tree was young it knew of it’s mission and grew stronger each day.  There was a massive fire threatening the forest, so the tree, once mature, was cut and sacrificed to the fire.  The tree, so massive contained an unending supply of water which quenched the fire, but only for those trees that chose to drink from the same source.

That tree was Jesus. He is my tree of life and he saved us by sacrificing himself so that we would be saved from certain destruction in the lake of fire. 


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