Arriving in Guatemala City

Upon arriving in Guatemala City we gathered ourselves, our luggage and ventured through the doors into the streets.  There were people everywhere standing around the doors and guards were pushing people back from the exit so we could get out of the building.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when you arrive in a place and you are greeted with such need, it’s hard to process it all.  This is a place that you could give until there were nothing left to give and people would still have needs.

The shocking part of any story like this is that little children were on the street trying to earn their way.

This scene reminds me of the crowds as they gathered around Jesus.  I can only imagine the compassion he must have felt for us.  Even then he allowed the children to come to him.  It must have been hard for him seeing such a need, knowing that we were condemned if he didn’t fulfill his purpose and save us.

I look at these children the same way.  Their needs aren’t just getting them a meal, an education, or meeting their basic health needs.  None of this would matter if we didn’t address the spiritual need for salvation.

So, through the doors and into the streets we went.  The van doors were opened, the luggage loaded, and we continued our journey to “The Compound”, i.e. the group home across town.

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