Yes Man!

“Yes Man” was an awesome movie!  Although it’s not in my all-time favorites list, it ranks very near the top.  Both hilarious and funny it has something valuable to learn.

In the movie, Carl Allen’s life is going nowhere.  He says “no” to everything until he signs up for a self-help program.  To be part of the program, Carl must commit to a covenant to say yes to everything.

He finds new love, learns a new language, travels all over the world, and experiences success.  It’s as though a higher authority is enforcing outcomes based on his actions and as long as he follows the code things just keep getting better until he says no.

This morning, I was thinking the challenge of being an “all in” Christ follower.  How many of us are “all in”, I mean really ALLIN. Too many of us pay lip service to that phrase.  So I asked myself the question in a different way, Is there anything that God could ask of me that I would not do for him?  In other words, am I God’s “Yes Man”, or a Jonah clone?

What’s your answer?

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