What are you most disappointed in?

“What are you most disappointed with in your life?”  That question was asked during our Men’s group this morning.  It’s a loaded question.

There are lots of things that disappoint me about my own life.  Sometimes I’m disappointed in some of the decisions I’ve made regarding handling of money.  There are relationship decisions, some of my children’s choices, dreams that I have not realized, etc. I’m sure this list is pretty similar to yours because we are all human.  We’ve all lived life.

The loaded part of this question becomes relevant when we discover who or what we’ve spent our lives serving.  It’s most likely the things we’re disappointed in.  These are the things we invest in, spend our time doing, and seek at the exclusion of all else. We all serve someone or something. Some of us serve many things. The fact is these often become our gods and inevitably we worship something other than the one true God who created us, has a plan for us, and desires a relationship with us.

Somehow we all seem to seek after other things that seem important and miss the real point in life and why we’re here.  Kyle Idleman, in his book, God’s at War presents a lot of great points that we all need to think about.

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