Apple Things and Apple Thoughts

Here I sit in the middle of an Apple orchard with a million apples and what seems like as many people. Who would have ever guessed that there were so many varieties. Just like people each one comes with it’s own character.

Some are hard. Others are soft.  Some were hard but have softened with time. Some are red. Some are yellow.  Some are green and some are a mix of colors all at the same time. There are juicy ones, tart ones, sweet ones, big ones and small ones. Some have a strong core. Others have what seems like no core at all.

There are ones with expensive tastes and cheap ones. Some get sauced. Others get pressed and drained. Some are paired well with sweets things. Some are are better cooked.

There are so many things that apples make. There is apple butter, apple jam, apple jelly, apple tarts, apple juice, apple cider, apple wine and apple fritters. There are apple pies, apple cakes, and all kinds of apple bakes.

There are single apples, bagged apples, apple crates, a peck, and a bushel of apples. There are pints, gallons and barrels.

There are apple peelers, apple tosses, apple bobs and apple grinders.

There comes a day when the seed of an apple is planted and the day when the apple falls.  In the end does the apple find the meaning of it all?

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