I recall learning this term back my business school days. Later during my tenure at Microsoft I was thinking about product penetration within our developer community and how we could better market our services and products. Mindshare is a measure of how much an individual thinks about something or pays attention to it.

We all have a fixed amount of time and in this age of information everything competes for our attention. People are focused on many different things at any point during their day. These can be products, an idea, a person, planning or other activities. I like to think of it as how much mental energy a person is spending on something. The dictionary link above is probably a better definition, but I don’t think the concept is specifically related to consumers as stated.

Because we live in an information and consumer age, we’re constantly bombarded with images, facts, slogans, ideas, and everything evolves around getting us to do something, think something, buy something, or believe something.  When you stop to think about all this information, how do we process it in a way that keeps our lives focused on the right things rather than reacting to all the impulses and going down a million different rabbit holes?

DSCF0094.JPGWhat would the direction of our lives be if we focused only on what others wanted and we kept changing direction day after day to follow the current information trend?  What kind of legacy will this leave the next generation and where does that leave us?

As I started this blog post a couple months ago I kept writing and writing and writing and soon realized I might have a topic for a short book.  I’m curious if this is something you’d read?

Please post comments and let me know.


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