• To be God, or to be God’s

    To be God, or to be God’s

    This morning on the front porch I sat with my dog, Sami, coffee in hand, energized, contemplating the day and thinking about yesterday. The morning rush had begun and the cars swished by every few moments. The air was still and cleansed by the morning dew. The morning sunlight reflected off everything and everywhere, even…

  • Too many cooks

    Too many cooks

    There were a few moments during my mission trip to Guatemala that I would consider personal discovery moments.  Even before the trip, God was weighing on my heart about some things in my life that needed to change. The first really core shaking moment was when one of my teammates was working on restoring the toilets…

  • Pride or Bouquet?

    Pride or Bouquet?

    Pride fuels our ego, but wouldn’t you rather give God a bouquet of flowers?