• Jesus for President (Part 1)

    With everyone focused on the election today, I couldn’t help but read this blog by Jonathan Camac and thought I would share it.  There are some great comments too! … “I’m officially sick of politics. Lies. Deception. Failure to follow through on definite promises. The same old slogans. Selling hope but delivering the opposite. Outdated…

  • Are you the “ONE”?

    Are you the “ONE”?

    Yes! This blog is about you! You are the “ONE”.

  • God is on the throne

    God is on the throne

    This election has been and continues to be about picking someone to lead our country. Everyone has an opinion and we all make decisions from a different point of view, but the truth is God is already on the throne and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. Steven Curtis Chapman captured this so…