• People are worth your time!

    People are worth your time!

    Relationships are important. If we don’t take the time, we don’t see the beauty. Read more

  • To Lead or to Follow

    To Lead or to Follow

    A good leader knows that it’s not about being out in front of the team. It’s about bringing the team along for the ride. Read more

  • mindshare


    What would the direction of our lives be if we focused only on what others wanted and we kept changing direction day after day to follow the current information trend? What kind of legacy will this leave the next generation and where does that leave us? Read more

  • belief


    I heard once that prior to the Greeks, the ancient Hebrew meaning of the word implied action, that is, to believe is to act upon that belief with conviction.  Perhaps it was the Greeks who were into arguing about ideas that watered down the word to mean an intellectual conviction.  Today, we “believe”, but we… Read more

  • meaningful relationships

    This morning, I stumbled upon this particular article about social networking.  It basically says that most of our friends on Facebook don’t care about us, or aren’t true friends.  My belief is that there’s a lot or some truth in that statement (prove me wrong FB friends by commenting!), but I think most people would be… Read more

  • a new day

    a new day

    Every day starts with a rising sun.  Some days there’s a strong desire to remain in bed under the warm covers.  On others, I can’t wait to get started and no matter how long I lay there I wouldn’t sleep.  But with the opening of the eyes each morning, there is a realization that I… Read more