• Scars


    Who wears your scars? Read more

  • Pride or Bouquet?

    Pride or Bouquet?

    Pride fuels our ego, but wouldn’t you rather give God a bouquet of flowers? Read more

  • Apple Things and Apple Thoughts

    Apple Things and Apple Thoughts

    Here I sit in the middle of an Apple orchard with a million apples and what seems like as many people. Who would have ever guessed that there were so many varieties. Just like people each one comes with it’s own character. Some are hard. Others are soft.  Some were hard but have softened with… Read more

  • my friends birthday

    Today is my friend’s birthday.  I believe he would be 49 today. It’s been almost 32 years since I knelt by his grave and said “so long” to my friend.  Kenneth Booher was a friend to many. He was the quarterback on the high school football team, played baseball, and was active in our church… Read more

  • a mission filled life

    a mission filled life

    What is your mission in life? I’m almost 50 and I still think about my mission in life just as much as I did when I was in my teens thinking about my college years.  Today, I have a lot more experiences to draw from, more hurts, more disappointments, more experiencing the joy of life, and… Read more

  • miracles

    Was Tim Tebow used by God to perform a miracle? Tim Tebow an amazing individual. Tends to a man who had a seizure pic.twitter.com/ttYrQiqePh — Christian Byrnes (@ByrnesC10) October 11, 2016 Over the past year or so, I’ve had a special fascination with miracles. The question on my mind was”Are there miracles happening today?” I was… Read more